Cote How

Cote How - One of the oldest houses in the village dating from the early 16th century.Cote How has thick buttressed and rendered slate walls, a slate roof, oval chimney stacks and a rare survival of exposed timber framing. The 16th century wing stands to the west, the existing main building was added in the 17th century with a late 17th century addition north of the original wing. 

On the south side of the original building is a timber balcony the back wall  of which has original timber framing, set herring bone fashion.This is a spinning gallery, a notable feature of farm architecture in the lake district. These galleries, on an upper floor, provided useful storage space and access to upper floor rooms. On fine evenings in the longer days of summer this provided a place to sit and spin, thus making the best use of natural light. 

Against the north wall is a stone oven with a pyramid roof. The interior has some 17th century panelling, originally from Rydal Hall.

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