Raised for the Sepsis Trust!
The honesty box at the foot of the Nab Scar Footpath collecting donations in return for flapjacks has now raised over £2000 for the Sepsis Trust.
Many thanks to the generosity of the many walkers who have given so freely.


Theft from Honesty Box
An honesty box at the foot of the Nab Scar Footpath, collecting donations for the Sepsis Trust in return for flapjacks for walkers was robbed on the 18th April 2017, leaving only a very small return by the end of the day. One of the only occasions when the box was not overlooked for most of the day. This mean spirited act is in sharp contrast with the generosity of the many walkers who have given so freely since before Christmas, when it started off with mince pies.

If anyone knows anything about this, please email (in confidence) through this website.


The Rydal Heritage Board

IMG 5122

has been placed in the centre of the Village to mark the national parks bid for World Heritage Status. 

This also features on this site with a section of pages providing much detailed information on the heritage of the village.

Follow the link in the Menu bar on the right for the Heritage pages section.

Thanks go to the Ambleside Parish Council for funding the board, and to Pandora Signs of Hawkshead for a superb job of printing and installing the Board.



There have been a number of instances of dogs worrying sheep.

Please keep dogs under control at all times, sheep are easily startled, and this can be an irresistable temptation to any dog, with potentially tragic consequences.


Campaign for a Safer Village!