Then and Now:   Comparing 1953 and 2022

Rydal Village Coronation Party held in the Reading Room, Rydal on Coronation Day

Although the village seems largely unspoiled, there have been many changes, largely invisible, between 1953 and 2022. In particular, the relentless marketing of the lake district as a tourist flesh pot has had a big impact behind the scenes. This has dramatically affected house prices and the number of homes which are available to rent has been greatly and adversely affected by the death duties levied after deaths of owners of the Rydal Estate.

The incomes of many local people are low, and house prices have been steadily pushed upwards by people (often from outside the area) buying for second homes, investment and holiday letting.

This can be clearly seen by comparing the list of attendees at the coronation evening party in 1953 with occupancy at the time of writing in 2022.

In both Black & Grey are the houses which in 1953 were fully occupied.
In Grey are 
ghost’ houses which in 2022 are not permanently occupied, being either holiday lettings or second homes. (By 2022 of course, the names of the occupants have changed).
Note: There are a small number of other houses in the village which are not represented in this list, because of non-attendance at the party. These would largely also be in Grey!

1 Laura Gibson 2 Cote How  Cottage

2 Lily McPhee Hallbank Cottage

3 Name not known

4 John McPhee Hallbank Cottage 

5 Mrs Cox 3 Mount Cottages

6 Lena Flitter 2 Steps End 

7 Amy Gibbs Bank Foot Cottage

8 Ralph Gibbs Bank Foot Cottage

9 Jim Thompson Hart Head Farm

10 Mr Wood 4 Steps End Cottages

11 Dora Dixon Park Gates Lodge

12 Fred Bell 1 Rydal Cottages

13 Mr Stoddart 2 Rydal Farm Cottages

14 Syd Gibson Glen Rothay Cottage

15 Edward Chapman 3 Rydal Farm Cottages

16 Colin Stoddart Rydal Farm Cottages

17 Anthony Chapman Rydal Farm Cottages

18 Mary Walker 2 Mount Cottages

19 Eileen Stephenson Garden Cottage

20 Mary Rigg Nab Farm

21 Frances Gibson Glen Rothay Cottage

22 Jack Walker 2 Mount Cottages

23 Ernie Bainbridge 1 Mount Cottages

24 Connie Thompson Hart Head Farm

25 Joe Thompson Hart Head Farm

26 George Walker 1 Cote How Cottages

27 Hilda Bainbridge 1 Mount Cottages

28 Betty Backhouse Scandale Bridge Cottage

29 Tom (Eddie) Gibson Cote How Cottage

30 Len Stephenson Garden Cottage

31 Elizabeth Walker 1 Cote How Cottages

32 Emily Walker Pull Wyke  (Not in Rydal)

33 Ray Gibson 2 Cote How  Cottage

34 Annie Chapman 3 Rydal Farm Cottages

35 Nellie Graves Hart Head Farm

36 Murial Walker 1 Cote How Cottages

37 Mrs Palfreman 1 Steps End

38 Name Not known Connected with Park Gates

39 Jack Palfreyman 1 Steps End

40 Betty Palfreman  (Bates)** 1 Steps End

41 Margaret Walker (Woodhouse) * 1 Cote How Cottages

42 Barton Woodhouse* Low Wray Farm  (Not in Rydal)

43 Norman   ?? Coniston

44 Ursula Porter Undermount

45 Des Bates** Langdale

46 Margaret Porter (Fuller) Undermount

47 Rhoda Porter Undermount

48 Arthur Gibson Glen Rothay Cottage

Engaged couple

**  Engaged couple

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